Bark River Preorder FAQ

Preordering Bark River Knives

One of the great things about Bark River Knives is the ability to choose from such a wide variety of handle materials on each run of knives.  The best way to get exactly what you want is to preorder the knife.  Here’s how it works.

Email us at with what knife and the handle material you would like and we will put you on the list.  It is that simple.

When Bark River makes that particular knife again (which could be soon, or it could be a long time…it just depends) we will place your order.  When we are notified by Bark River that your knife has been made, we will let you know.  You will get a link so you can buy your knife from the preorder section of our website.

A few FAQs…

Do you require a deposit?
We do not require a deposit on a preordered knife.  The reason is simple—we don’t know for sure when or if the ordered knife will be made and we don’t want to hold your money that way.  We trust you will complete the purchase.

Is my preorder a guarantee that I will get my knife?
Preordered knives do not always get made.  Bark River is not a custom shop.  Sometimes a particular handle material is not available at the time or it breaks during production.  When that happens, your knife will not be made.  It is just how it works.

Do I have to preorder?
There really is no need to preorder common handle materials like Black Canvas or Green Canvas.  We are happy to put you on the list, but it is, honestly, just as easy to just grab it off the site when they come up.  We order plenty.

What if I am sure I want a knife, but not sure what handle?
That is simple!  Just wait until the knife run is made and the pictures start going up on our site and take your pick!

How long do I have to buy the knife after I receive your email?
Preordered knives stay reserved in our preorder section for at least 30 days before they are released to the general public.