Bark River Knives V-44 Bowie

Bark River Knives: V-44 Bowie

Bark River Knives: V-44 Bowie

The new Bark River V-44 bowie is one of the most famous patterns of World War II. The knife was made specifically for the Pacific theater of operations and is the quintessential pattern most people identify with when they refer to a Bowie knife. Ours is twice the thickness of the originals from 1944. It hits with much more authority than the originals and will cut through any underbrush and even secondary growth to blaze a trail into the North American outdoors. We have updated the handle shape and added a classic pommel.


  Overall Length:    14.5" 
  Blade Length:    9" 
  Blade Steel:    A2 Tool Steel 
  Blade Thickness:    .250" 
  Weight:    28oz. 


Made in the USA.

High-Quality Right-Hand Leather Sheath Included

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