Shun Knives

Shun Knives

Shun Knives

Shun Knives (rhymes with "moon") are recognized world over as top shelf kitchen knives.  It is no surprise.

They originate in Seki City Japan--the legendary home of the samurai sword bladesmiths.  Shun Knives are made by some of the finest craftsman in the world.

The name, Shun, comes from the Japanese word which means the moment when a food is at the peak of its perfection--when fruit is the sweetest, vegetables are perfectly ripe.  Shun knives are at the peak of quality and will help you get the most out of every "Shun" piece of food!

Shun's incredibly sharp edges and beauty set them apart from other kitchen knives.  Shun's edges are as sharp as any production knife I have ever held in my hand.

Shun Knives are works of art you can actually use.

Oh...and if you are afraid you won't be able to adequately sharpen these beauties, Shun offers factory sharpening service for the price of shipping the knife.

Take a look at these wonderful Shun Kitchen Knives.