Bark River Knives Petty-Z - CPM-154

Bark River Knives: Petty-Z - CPM 154

Bark River Knives: Petty-Z - CPM 154

The Bark River Petty Z is a bit longer than a traditional Japanese style petty and, of course, has the classic Bark River convex grind.  The steel is a significant upgrade from most anything out there. CPM154 is a powdered metal that holds an edge extremely well and maintains great stain resistance.

This is a very useful prep knife  It is a general utility knife for the kitchen. 

**This kitchen knife does not come with a sheath.


 Overall Length:     9" 
 Blade Length:     4.7" 
 Cutting Edge:     4.25" 
 Blade Steel:     CPM-154 
 Blade Thickness:     0.085" 
 Price:     Starting at $164.95 


Made in the USA.

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