Bark River Knives 1909 Michigan Bowie

Bark River 1909 Michigan Bowie

Bark River Knives: 1909 Michigan Bowie

The 1909 Michigan Bowie is actually very unique. It was designed in 1907 by Webster Marble right here in Gladstone, Michigan. It is not actually a Sheffield pattern and is closer to what is called a Tex-Mex Bowie of the Alamo period. It is truly an American Pattern. Mr. Marble got it into production in early 1909. The knife was in the Marbles line as their Trailmaker. We have used the exact same pattern blade – we have thickened the guard but retained the aluminum pommel that is very close to the original shape. This Bark River knife is uniquely a Michigan style.


  Overall Length:    15.4" 
  Blade Length:    10" 
  Blade Height:    1.45" 
  Blade Thickness:    .250" 
  Blade Steel:    A-2 Tool Steel @ 58RC 
  Weight:    18.45oz.
  Price:    Starting at $284.97  


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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