Bark River Knives Bush Seax Bantam


Bark River Knives: Bush Seax Bantam

Bark River Knives: Bush Seax Bantam

The Bush Seax Bantam is a more compact, easy-carrying edition of Bark River's Bush Seax. Historically, this blade shape is closer to the Germanic or Saxon version of a seax or scramasax.

The Bark River Bush Seax Bantam has a straighter cutting edge than the larger version, ideal for carving and finer work. It's fast in the hand and very comfortable in sustained use, both for hunting and bushcraft. The straighter point is perfect for drilling, like a classic bushcraft knife.


  Overall Length:     8.75" 
  Blade Length:     4.250" 
  Cutting Edge Length:     3.87" 
  Blade Height:     1.125"
  Blade Thickness:     0.135" 
  Blade Steel:     A2 Tool Steel @ 58-60RC 
  Weight:     5.63oz. 
  Price:     Starting at $172.47 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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