Bark River Knives Kephart - CPM 3V

Bark River Knives: Kephart CPM 3V

Bark River Knives: Kephart CPM 3V

Horace Kephart is known as the “Father of American Bushcraft”. He would have said “Woodcraft”. The term “Bushcraft” is actually a much more modern term. Kephart and G.W. Sears ( Nessmuk) coined the term “Woodcraft” and both wrote articles and then books on the subject – those books became the primer for all of the books written on Bushcraft ever since. Horace Kephart was a very down to earth, two-fisted guy that drank moonshine, hung out with his Carolina Revelers, and spent as much time in the outdoors as possible. Many of his quotes are the very foundation of what we call wilderness living. He was also a college professor that practiced what he preached. Our version of his belt knife has been extremely popular from the first day we brought one out. It is very straightforward and easy to use for just about any woods related tasks.

Video from the 2016 run:


 Overall Length:    8.85" 
 Blade Length:    4.25" 
 Blade Steel:    CPM 3V @ 60RC 
 Blade Thickness:    .093" 
 Weight:    4.0oz. 
 Price:    Starting at $217.45 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.