Bark River Knives Tusk

Bark River Knives: Tusk

Bark River Knives: Tusk

As of 2018, the Tusk is an updated version of those that used to be made in the past by cutting down Fox River blades. This is now its own pattern, and we were not limited by the existing design of the Fox River. The changes on the new model are subtle but a definite improvement in both performance and use in the field – the cutting edge is now straight to the point for better carving and for ease of re-sharpening. We chose A-2 for this model because A-2 is the choice of most high quality carving knives and wood working tools. This gives you a fine edge that is easier to keep razor sharp. We changed the angle of attack so that the handle and blade can be used more aggressively. It will prove to be the best dedicated carver in the line and it is also just as easy to use for other camp chores. 


 Overall Length:   7.375" 
 Blade Length:   3.1" 
 Blade Steel:   A2 Tool Steel 
 Blade Hardness:   60HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   .156" 
 Weight:   5oz. 

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