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Montana Guide II

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Bark River Knives: Montana Guide II

Bark River Knives: Montana Guide II

The Montana Guide II is the guardless version of the Gameskeeper II. It excels at tasks like quartering and breaking down large game like Elk, Moose or Big Bear. It is very robust and heavy in the blade. It shares the ricasso of the Gameskeeper for extra blade control in choke up grip and has the same quick-taper to the point from the thick spine.

If you are looking for a long blade hunter - this Bark River knife will be the logical choice for your Big Game Hunt. 


 Overall Length:     10.250" 
 Blade Length:     5.750" 
 Cutting Edge:     5" 
 Steel:     A2 Tool Steel @ 58RC 
 Steel Thickness:     .215" 
 Weight:     6.875oz. 
 Blade Height:     1.1" 
 Price:     Starting at $224.97 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.