Bark River Knives Trakker


Bark River Knives: Trakker

Preorders are only available in micarta, G-10, and curly maple options. Corby bolts come standard - hollow or mosaic may be selected as well.


 Overall Length:     13.4" 
 Blade Length:     7.5" 
 Main Edge Length:     4.775" 
 Blade Thickness:     .265" 
 Weight:     24oz. 


Preorder Your Trakker

Bark River Knives is working on a new batch of this model. If you'd like to reserve one in your chosen handle configuration, please fill out the form below!

  • We will send your preferred handle configuration to Bark River Knives, and they'll do their best to build it.
  • Once the batch is delivered, we will notify you.
  • Your knife will be reserved for two weeks. If not purchased within that time, the knife will be made available to the public.

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