Bark River Knives STS 7.5 - CPM 154

Bark River Knives: STS 7.5 - CPM 154

Bark River Knives: STS 7.5 - CPM 154

The new Bark River STS-7.5 is the newest addition to our STS series of utility/field knives. This new model is designed for both para-military and civilian use on just about any circumstance in general use. The 7.5 inch blade is sleek and rugged. The CPM 154 blade is tough and will hold an edge extremely well while still being easy to re-sharpen. The knife is balanced just a hair in front of the first finger so it is very fast in the hand. The handle is very generous and is equally comfortable in forward grip, hammer grip, or reverse grip. The palm swell is set back and very subtle to allow any size hand to use it without hot spots or blisters in sustained use. The jimping on the rear of the handle spine is to help orientate the knife in the hand while in reverse grip in low light conditions. The STS-7.5 is that “one knife” that you can use when situations get tough.


 Overall Length:   13.125" 
 Blade Length:   7.5" 
 Cutting Edge:   6.25" 
 Blade Steel:   CPM-154 
 Blade Hardness:   60HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   .200" 
 Weight:   13.125oz. 

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