Bark River Knives Grizzly

Bark River Knives: Grizzly

Bark River Knives: Grizzly

The Bark River Grizzly has been designed and then engineered to be fast in the blade and extremely ergonomic in the hand. It is deceptively quick for a large knife. The power of the knife is devastating without feeling like it will strain the hand, wrist or forearm in sustained use. The balance of the knife is just forward of the first finger and perfect for using it for any field task. When gripped with the first finger in the choil it is perfectly balanced for even doing fine work.


  Overall Length:     14.775" 
  Blade Length:     9.250" 
  Cutting Edge:     8.5" 
  Blade Thickness:     .272" 
  Blade Height:     1.55" 
  Blade Steel:     CPM 3V @ 58-60RC 
  Weight:     17oz. 
  Price:     Starting at $322.45 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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