Bark River Knives: FOBOS MKB-9

Bark River Knives: MKB-9 FOBOS Design

The Co Branded MKB-9 with Bark River and FOBOS Knives is the heavy hitter of the FOBOS line up. This blade forward balanced model is meant for heavy use including chopping. The handle is the same as the Legion and has all of it's hand-friendly characteristics. Solid, sure grip, and plenty of leverage to insure the proper angle of attack of the cutting edge. The unique Persian swedge keeps the point thick and solid with relief for easy penetration.


 Overall Length:   14.5" 
 Blade Length:   9" 
 Blade Steel:   CPM-3V 
 Blade Hardness:   60HRC 
 Blade Thickness:   .250" 
 Weight:   16oz. 

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