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Wilderness Explorer - Cru-Wear

Bark River Knives: Wilderness Explorer

Bark River Knives: Wilderness Explorer

The Wilderness Explorer is Bark River Knives' take on the famed Bob Loveless wilderness knife. Yes, it's big -- it's meant to be a belt knife for wilderness trekking and backcountry hunting.

The blade has been designed with a healthy amount of straight edge for camp chores, as well as plenty of cutting curve for slicing and skinning. And with its very low distal taper, the Bark River Wilderness Explorer excels at cutting cartilage around joints, making it easier to break down an animal for pack-out.

For the Wilderness Explorer, Bark River chose Crucible's incredibly powerful and durable CPM Cru-Wear tool steel. It has tremendous wear resistance and excellent overall toughness.

In use, the knife balances on the first finger and is very fast in the hand.


 Blade Length:     5.8" 
 Overall Length:     11" 
 Blade Steel:     CPM Cru-Wear @ 59-60 RC 
 Blade Thickness:    .160" 
 Price:     Starting at $239.97 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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