FAQ: Does Bark River offer rubberized handles on its knives?

31st Mar 2015

No -- and for good reason.

We understand the feeling of comfort, at least initially, of picking up a knife with handle slabs of Kraton or other rubberized material, and there are plenty of fixed-blade knives available with soft, "grippy" handles. Mike Stewart and his crew at Bark River Knives take a different approach.

Bark River designs its knives to be used, used hard, and used hard for extended periods. A poorly designed or "grippy" knife handle creates "hot spots" that make building a shelter or field-dressing large game, for example, downright painful.

A properly designed knife handle accommodates a variety of grips -- it should move in the hand. The "grip" should come from the handle's ergonomic shape, not from its material.

That's the way Bark River does knife handles -- and that's the way we like 'em, too.