Blue Class

Blue Class


Blue Class

The heart of Benchmade. Whether it's folders or fixed blades, the Blue Class knife is designed and built for the individual who understands the difference a high-quality instrument can make.

When you are searching for a Benchmade knife from Knives Ship Free, you will see that they offer a few different classes of knives. These Benchmade classes, which are all made in America, consist of the Gold Class which will include their highest quality of knives. There is the Black Class, which are heavy duty knives mainly used by law enforcement, public safety groups and military personnel. Finally, there is the Blue Class of knives. The Blue Class, which is known to be the heart of Benchmade, is their more standard class. Here you will find both folders and fixed-blade options. Many knives in this class are of the highest quality of manufactured knives on the market today.

If you are looking for a new knife to carry every day, chances are that the Benchmade Blue Class will have something for you. Knives Ship Free offers a variety of models such as Osborne, Pardue, Barrage®, Griptilian® and Bushcrafter, just to name a few. Below, you will find a short description for many of these models that are available to you from Knives Ship Free.

Considered as one of the bestselling knives, the Benchmade 940 and 943 offer both S30V Premium Steel blades as well as the AXIS® locking mechanism. The Osborne design of the Benchmade 940 incorporates functionality and quality. From opening packages, to trimming branches, and more, you will find a lot of different uses for your Benchmade 943 Osborne, and it will handle every task.

The Barrage® family of knives feature the AXIS® assist, which combines speed and strength in one knife. This assist locking mechanism is the strongest on the market today. The Benchmade Barrage® also offers the ambidextrous function as well as a reversible carry-clip. The blades on these knifes are made of 154CM stainless steel.

The Benchmade 530 Pardue includes a spear point blade and, because of its folding design, the knife will sit flat inside your pocket. This knife is great for right-and-left handers alike, because the handle offers dual thumb studs and reversible picket clip. You will be able to cut anything from kindling, boxes, plastic mailers, and even small branches.

When you are looking for a knife that has all around functionality, look no further than the Benchmade Griptilian® family of knives. When looking at these knives, you will find that there are more sizes, shapes and colors to choose from than any other product family. These knives offer ambidextrous one-hand-opening, reversible pocket clips as well as the AXIS® locking mechanism. The Bechmade Griptilian® has set lasting trends for both form and utility. There is also a smaller version known as the “Mini-Griptilian®”.

The Benchmade 707 Sequel is a sleek, well-made knife that is great for everyday use. It is a great knife for around the house or for the outdoor enthusiast. The 707 comes complete with many features including a reversible pocket-clip and the AXIS® locking mechanism.

The next knife is Benchmade’s first folder to feature the AXIS® locking mechanism. The Benchmade 710 features a D2 tool steel blade along with the ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener. This knife is considered to be a terrific piece of sports cutlery and has been around for nearly two-decades.

The Benchmade 761 and 765 both include the mono-lock locking mechanism. The 761 features a M390 stainless steel blade and titanium handles. With thrust bearing washers, opening this knife is as smooth as glass. The Benchmade 765 offers an upscale appearance with its smooth lines and precision machine work.

The Bushcrafter family of knives include G-10 molded handles and are held in place with flared, titanium tubing to help ensure no separation will take place. The Benchmade Bushcrafter knife is a fixed blade and is constructed with a 4.4” long cutting blade that is great for a weekend hunting or fishing trip. You can use your knife to prepare and cut up food, for fire preparation, and much more in between.

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