Benchmade 707

Benchmade 707

Benchmade 707 Knife


The Benchmade 707 is the follow-up to the 705, and is also known as the sequel. Additionally, it has been referred to as the pseudo little brother of the 710. It sits between the two, providing more choice for customers who are seeking the perfect knife or knives for their needs.

The knife was designed by popular father and son team McHenry & Williams. Their work in creating the 707 has resulted in a knife that is great as an all-around every day carry, thanks to its compact size and lightness. Aluminum handles and black G10 inlays provide a secure grip under any circumstances, no matter which hand you are operating the knife with.

The knife is a testament to Benchmade's desire for excellence. They do not sit on their laurels, but continually strive to create perfect knives for all situations, without skimping on quality. Not only is the Benchmade 707 an example of continual innovation, but it is evidence that they listen to their customers. It features modifications to the original 705 to accommodate the needs of the growing market.


The blade steel on the 707 is one of its strongest features. It is 154CM (58-61 HRC) and as such, it is very easy to sharpen. You will not have to do this often, however, as it holds an edge incredibly well for a very long time.

benchmade-707-model.jpgThe blade length is 2.95" (7.49cm), so there is enough versatility and maneuverability for most everyday tasks, and the blade thickness is 0.100" (2.54mm), which helps keep the knife light but strong. Overall the knife weighs 2.60oz. (73.71g). The knife's open length is 6.75" (17.15cm) and it measures 3.80" (9.65cm) closed. The aluminum handle is 0.42" (10.67mm).

More about the Benchmade 707

While the inlays on other knives are sometimes known to move or even fall out, the bonding agent for this, and all Benchmade knives, is second to none. These inlays are not going anywhere, so you have the best chance of maintaining a good grip on your knife, whichever grip you adopt. The inlays are also aesthetically pleasing and add an attractive design element to an already pleasing knife.

The Benchmade 707 has a plain blade edge with a drop-point and satin finish. The cutting edge is good, while the point is excellent, making it a great knife for a range of tasks. You will appreciate having this great all-rounder with you when you are not sure exactly what you are going to encounter, or what kind of knife you might need.

The clip is in a good position and is a tip-up, reversible, for left or right-hand carry. It is very easy to carry using the clip to slide into a pocket or place into a small bag. The quality of its design, along with its size, make it a great contender for the best every day carry knife. Many people who buy this knife consider it part of their top-ten, if not their favorite every day carry.

The blade style is very versatile, so you can use it for a variety of tasks. A great general purpose knife, it has a good cutting edge and a very good point for piercing. Under most typical circumstances, you will be glad you have this knife with you.

Another incredible feature of the Benchmade 707 is the smoothness of its AXIS mechanism. The lock up is incredibly fluid and is guaranteed to be one of the best you will use. It is a perfect demonstration of the AXIS lock, which is often imitated, but nothing comes close to this. Imagine how a lock should work on a perfect, manually opening knife and this will meet or exceed your expectations. benchmade.jpg

For these reasons, the 707 is a great knife to bring out and handle something very quickly. It is good for people on the go who might need to handle something and then move on. It is very light, and not at all bulky. It is small and light to fit comfortably in your pocket. With an EDC knife, one of the main concerns is portability, however this knife will not disappoint in that respect.

Despite its small stature and its light weight, the knife is well-made, like all Benchmade products. It is designed to be small, so you can use it as an everyday carry and it will stand the test of time when used for this purpose. It is not going to break on you, and you will feel that is the case when you hold the knife in your hand. It is small, but solid. And again, the AXIS mechanism works incredibly well and has a firm, durable feel to it.

Even if you already have an EDC, check this out as a replacement or upgrade, or simply to add to a collection. The Benchmade 707 stands up to any other knife of the same size, making for a worthwhile addition to the Benchmade product range and potentially to your own knife collection.

If you are buying a gift for someone who uses or loves knives, an everyday carry knife is a safe bet. The 707 will bring a smile to their face. It has a great combination of all the elements that make a good EDC and it will not stretch your budget either.

If this is your first knife, or your first high-quality knife, then this is a great product to purchase. It will be an investment, because it is not going to break or lose its edge like a cheaper knife. You will be impressed by the craftsmanship, and good looks, but you will also by impressed by how easy it is to use. A knife like this will serve you well for many years to come.

It is one of the best knives you can own for its size. Lightweight, slim, attractive and versatile, it is a knife that will satisfy time and time again. Just knowing you have a knife of this quality at your side will be reassuring.

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