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Benchmade Bushcrafter knives were originally designed and used as survival knives, great in a variety of outdoor and survival situations. This is the knife for you when you need an all-round knife that will not let you down in tough situations.

Like many high-quality knives, users found other applications for this family. In particular, the world's foremost ordnance technicians saw value in using this knife for cutting plastic explosives. With their input, the design was modified and refined to suit their particular needs.


Designed by Shane Sibert, the Benchmade Bushcrafter has a fixed blade made with CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC) steel. The length of the blade is 4.40" (11.18cm) and with a thickness of 0.164" (4.17mm), the blade is as solid as it should be for an all-purpose knife primed for outdoor use, it is ready for any heavy-duty task you might throw at it.

Benchmade BushcrafterThe drop-point blade features a plain edge and a satin finish. The use of CPM-S30V steel, often referred to as super-steel, is a result of Shane Sibert's conscious decision to explore steel options. This knife does not hold back. It has a good-looking blade and a utilitarian design that will stand up to punishing work. And it will do so without damage or appearing tarnished.

It is extremely durable. The edge will last longer than most types of blades meaning that it requires less maintenance. Users have reported cutting cans without a trace being left on the blade. It is a brilliant knife for crafting, helping you complete jobs quickly and efficiently, and it can be used all day long without showing significant signs of wear.

Overall, the knife measures 9.15" (23.24cm), with the handle being 0.92" (23.37mm) thick, making it a perfect length for bushcraft tasks. This versatile and durable tool is worthwhile whether you are adding to a collection or whether this is your first outdoor knife. If you know exactly what your knife is for or if you want something that is capable of delivering in a variety of situations, a Benchmade Bushcrafter will have your back.

Weighing 7.72oz. (218.86g), it has a robust feel to it, without being so heavy that it is cumbersome on your belt. A superb quality leather sheath weighs in at 1.86oz. (52.73g) and fits the contoured G10 handle, while a sheath weight of 2.70oz. (76.54g) is applicable for the green and red contoured G10 handle. This latter has attractive green flakes and deep red liners, producing an overall effect that is as pleasing as it is eye-catching. This attention to detail is present throughout every aspect of the knife's design.

More about the Benchmade Bushcrafter

One of the first things you will notice is that the sheaths are durable, comfortable and will fit your chosen Bushcrafter extremely well. Nothing should detract from the premium quality of the knife itself and you will not be disappointed.

The deliberately tight fit loosens a little with use, making it snug and perfect for the knife long-term. The inside of the leather sheath is lined with a taco style section of Kydex, which serves as both protection for the sheath and also ensures that it retains its shape with repeated removal and insertion, however often it is used. The use of high-quality leather means that it will clean up easily. It will not develop a grubby appearance that might detract from your enjoyment of the knife it houses.

The G10 handles are ground perfectly symmetrical. This adds to the aesthetic beauty of the knives, as do their titanium tubular rivets. The fit and finish are superb, combining to make a knife that is as comfortable as it is practical. benchmade.jpg

The handles will feel good even if the user has particularly large hands. They are designed so that significant pressure can be applied without causing discomfort. These are knives that do well in extreme situations.

Many knives are marketed as being able to 'do-it-all', only to let their users down when they get into situations in the real world. This knife has been proven to live up to the hype that surrounds it. The Benchmade Bushcrafter has seen use by serious outdoorsmen and stands up to use by Navy Seals, which attests to its quality and reliability.

It has met the expectations of the market and exceeded them; a knife that always seems capable of giving more than is asked of it.

The Benchmade Bushcrafter can be used for a range of useful, planned and impromptu applications as needed from carving tent pegs, shelter craft and preparing firewood, to cutting fruit and vegetables for a snack or cooking. The stainless steel blade means low maintenance for knife owners and it will not lead to a nasty taste when employed in the preparation of food round a camp fire.

Amid this array of features, one of the most compelling factors is its strength. You do not need to worry about this knife letting you down. Its high quality design and production ensure toughness and reliability, making it a great go to knife for any survivalist or outdoorsman.

It is a great knife for camping trips and situations that might require knives to be used in a variety of situations. It will perform with ease. As the name the suggests, the Bushcrafter is a hardcore knife that is capable of any bushcrafting task. The knife is designed to be held comfortably in a variety of holds for whatever application you choose.

If you need a knife for extreme situations or you simply want a knife that looks great and can do it all, a Benchmade Bushcrafter is the one for you.

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