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Benchmade 710

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Benchmade is well-known for high-quality knives. Customers trust the brand, because they know that they will receive good customer service and superior products for the money spent. A transaction with Benchmade might well represent the best money you will ever spend on a knife. Which brings us to the Benchmade 710, which might be one of the sturdiest and reliable knife you will ever own.

The 710 is everything that customers have come to expect from Benchmade, and for good reason. Designed by McHenry & Williams, this knife has been in the Benchmade line-up for nearly 20 years. It remains popular because of its good quality and it is superb for its purpose as an everyday knife. It is an awesome slicer, that can make a very effective hunting knife.

It is also the first folder from Benchmade to feature the AXIS lock. The AXIS mechanism is smooth and strong, adding security and safety. When using this knife under difficult or tight circumstances, the solid lock mechanism will give you reliability and peace of mind. The blade is very well centered, keeping the action perfect. There is no side to side play and no wobble when the knife is open. The AXIS lock is ambidextrous. It is sturdy, but smooth to open and close. It can even be opened up to its full extent with a flick of the wrist.

Benchmade 710 KnifeSpecs

Featuring G10 handles, the knife comes with long D2 (60-62 HRC) tool steel blades. The clip-point blade has a length of 3.90" (9.91cm) and a thickness of 0.115" (2.92mm). The open length of the knife is 8.80" (22.35cm) and closed it measures 4.90" (12.45cm). The thickness of the handle is 0.48" (12.19mm), making it sturdy but comfortable, and the whole thing weighs 4.50oz. (127.57g).

More about the Benchmade 710

It has a larger design than a typical pocket knife, but you can wear the knife comfortably on the standard clip, which holds extremely well, and allows you to carry the knife and open it left or right.

The Benchmade 710 is likely to be the go-to hunting knife for many people as it is durable, comfortable and an exceptional performer. The clip-point means that it is very sharp and ultra-controllable. You will be able to use this knife to make light work of awkward situations, neatly and in a controlled manner. Also thanks to the shape of the blade, there is plenty of cutting edge, so this really is a great slicer too.

These knives are made in the US. There is no comparison between the craftsmanship evident in the fabrication of a knife like this and a cheap alternative you might find for $25. Remember that the Benchmade logo is a sign of quality and integrity. You might rely on your knife to help you out of a difficult situation one day, and so you want a knife that you can trust.

Be careful when you receive your knife, because it comes very sharp out of the box. Your Benchmade 710 is likely to arrive sharp enough to cut through a phone book. On first usage, it will shave cardboard with ease, so do be careful while you handle it, but also prepare to be impressed.

You will find that the D2 steel blade is an exceptional cutter and will retain its edge even after being worked. The handle is comfortable enough to allow persistent use. It does not take much pressure to cut through something like rope and it will then continue to slice extremely well afterwards. D2 steel gives incredible performance.

You will also be impressed and pleased by how easily you are able to hone the knife. With care, you will be able to keep the knife incredibly sharp, indefinitely. The belly and clip-point both stand up well under pressure and retain an edge better than most knives at this price point. When it comes to returning the knife to razor sharp quality, you will see that it does not take long and that it is easier to do so for the Benchmade 710 than it is for other knives.

Another benefit of the knife is that it looks fantastic. Many people enjoy the G10 handles for their sleek and stylish looks. Do not forget, of course, that they serve an important and relevant function, which is improving your grip and reducing the risk of slipping. If you are using this knife for hunting, you will be particularly pleased to have a good grip when your hands are wet or even bloody. benchmade.jpg

For all these reasons, this knife is good for everyday use and is a superb choice for hunters. It has even been described as the finest hunting knife ever made. The blade design is perfect for such tasks as skinning, cutting up game, and cleaning game birds. It is easy to see that the ample, sharp belly allows you to slice perfectly, and the clip-point is perfectly designed for piercing and detailed cuts in tight places. It can be used effectively for cleaning and de-boning large animals, not only game, but also such animals as deer. A few swipes on each side have been demonstrated to keep the blade sharp during such an operation and we are talking razor sharp.

If you are looking for a robust knife that can handle the demands of hunting, a knife that can make lengthy cuts but also pierce and allow you to perform detailed work, the Benchmade 710 is the one for you. It is a solid knife, but the foldable mechanism makes it surprisingly easy to carry. Do so with the clip or just drop it in a bag and you will have a very powerful tool at your side and at your disposal.

The Benchmade 710 represents almost two decades of quality and satisfied customers. It can make a welcome addition to your collection. Having already lasted the test of time, it is a knife that will continue to give back throughout your ownership of it.

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