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The Griptilian knife from Benchmade is a tool that can be carried everyday with astonishing versatility that comes in an array of blade styles and handle colors. With an average price around $100, you will receive a high quality knife that outshines its cheaper rivals with ease.

All Benchmade Griptilian knives are manufactured in the USA, and designed by knife maestro, Mel Purdue. You have several blade styles to choose from: drop-point, drop-point comboedge (part serrated), sheepsfoot or tanto. As one of Benchmade’s most popular knives, it is part of the company’s Blue Class series.

It is first and foremost a folding knife, yet there is so much more when you consider such things as the patented AXIS locking mechanism, one of the sturdiest on the market. Also, with its dual-sided thumb studs, this knife functions just as efficiently for the left-handed as the right. Press the thumb stud and a premium 154CM stainless steel blade, sharpened on both edges, slices out of its palm-swelled, molded grip handle in one smooth action. This knife is ready to use without any shifting of the hand. Close the blade with the same fluid action until you hear the click letting you know it is safely stowed away. This knife is so beautifully balanced and ergonomically designed.


The Benchmade Griptilian knife may be small but it will handle the toughest of tasks. This is an all-purpose knife. Use it to dice tomatoes for your campsite meal, or for whittling the hardest of hardwoods. The Griptilian knife is one you can carry everywhere, delivering the smoothest, carving cuts time after time. Its premium steel should be sharpened periodically so that it never becomes dull and stays saber-sharp forever. Indeed, Benchmade is so confident of their knife, including the Benchmade Mini Griptilian, that they offer not only a lifetime warranty but a Lifesharp service. With this, for just the cost of shipping, they will return your blade to its original sharpness so that it is ready to deliver precise, low-pressure cuts once more.

So what about the handle? Manufactured from Noryl GTX, it has a lightweight, textured grip and comes in a variety of colors, including black, olive drab, yellow, white, and even two shades of pink.  Wielding the Benchmade Griptilian is comfortable, as its well-crafted, stylish construction offers ease of carriage and storage, while being tough enough to give the user confidence for those heavy duty cutting tasks. There is a lanyard hole in the handle to which you can thread a reversible steel carry-clip so that the Griptilian can be attached conveniently to your belt. benchmade.jpg

The standard Benchmade Griptilian knife has a blade length of 3.45”. Extended length is 8.07”, reducing to 4.62” closed. Weight comes in at just under 3.9 oz., depending on blade style. The more compact Benchmade Mini Griptilian knife has a 2.91” blade and weighs just 2.81 oz. As an option, the blade can be finished with a matt black BT2 coating which makes it resistant to moisture, salt water, corrosion, and also inhibits scratching. All blades are rated at 58-61HRC on the hardness scale, making the Benchmade Griptilian without doubt one of the toughest, no-nonsense utility knives you will ever own.

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