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Benchmade 761

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The 761 stuns with its extreme good looks. It has smooth lines and is a perfect example of what can be achieved with precision machine work. This titanium folder is one of the most beautiful knives you will ever see, and if you purchase it now, it will also be one of the best knives you will have the pleasure of owning and using.

Designed by Benchmade, this is a manual-opening folder that works with a mono-lock mechanism. The bearing washers provide an incredibly smooth feel to the blade action. Bearing washers provide a near-magic feel to the blade action. It is so slick that you can feel the quality throughout every part of its construction.

Straight out of the box, the Benchmade 761 is a staggeringly beautiful knife that is going to impress any knife collector or enthusiast with its looks alone. There will be some people who remove the knife from its box and pouch and then transfer it directly to a display case. When you see it for yourself you will know why.

If you do go ahead and use this knife, you will see very quickly that it is not just a beautiful object. It can stand up to any test put before it, and it will stand up alongside any other knife of its type and size. The titanium handle is not only stunning-looking, but very strong. It features a great grip too, while the blade itself is of impeccable quality.


The blade steel is M390 (60-62 HRC). You would expect a steel of this quality on a flagship knife. Super strong and very good-looking with its satin finish, this blade will cut through rope after rope and still remain incredibly sharp.

Benchmade 761 KnifeThe steel holds an edge very well and will come sharpened, so that you can go straight to work with it. Having said that, most people want to gaze at it for a while, because frankly it is not just a tool. The Benchmade 761 really is a work of art. Years of craftsmanship have gone into this knife, so that every part of it is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fit for purpose.

The length of the blade is 3.73" (9.47cm) with a thickness of 0.120" (3.05mm). Open, the knife measures 8.60" (21.84cm) in length while it is 4.87" (12.37cm) closed.

The handle is 0.42" (10.67mm) thick and the knife's overall weight is 4.36oz. (123.60g), so it is a solid folder that is ready to pack a punch when you need it. The handle is made of incredibly strong (yes, and gorgeous-looking) titanium. You can see the quality of the knife immediately as you slide it out of the Benchmade pouch. The handles also feature a lanyard hole giving you more flexibility about how you carry the knife.

More about the Benchmade 761

With a plain edge, the blade is in the popular drop-point style, so it will be good for a wide range of tasks. Despite looking like a gallery model, it is designed for everyday use and is suitable for a wide variety of tasks, as you would expect from any EDC.

As is often the case with a knife, the way you feel about the 761 will go to the next level when you handle it. It is very sleek, with beautiful curves and attractive lines, and it is light for its size, but sturdy enough for you to know that it means business. The Benchmade 761 will be up to any task that you would expect a knife of its size to handle. It is very fast to open and feels great, and it is well-balanced and the lock mechanism is solid.

The clip is good-looking, also sculpted from titanium, and it is designed for tip-down carry for enhanced safety. In the case of accidental opening in a pocket, the unsharpened spine of the knife is the only part that will make contact with the hand. It is an added layer of protection that is unlikely to be necessary, but is a thoughtful precaution. It is a testament to the quality that a company like Benchmade demands of its goods.

As with other models, we can see that Benchmade really does listen to its customers and promptly addresses their desires, needs, and concerns. The Benchmade 761 is the flagship knife of its type that proves, as if it were necessary, that Benchmade craftsmanship can compete with any knife on the market. This is a knife that is likely to out-do every comparable knife in a private collection, on every level. And it will look great while it leaves its competitors in the dust. This is a knife that anyone can be proud to own. benchmade.jpg

The steel is not going to require excessive maintenance to keep it in good shape. By looking after the blade, and since you are spending money on a quality knife, that is most likely your intention, you will be able to hone this enough to keep it sharp, without having to do any major work.

In terms of grip, it will feel good during continued use. The ergonomic design of the handle takes into account typical areas where pressure would be applied during a variety of knife applications. Once again, Benchmade has been listening, and this knife demonstrates a marriage of expert design and precision engineering to deliver a tool that is comfortable for multiple hand sizes and in multiple grips.

It would be possible to use this knife in an overhand grip for an extended period of time without tiring and without excess wear or fatigue of your fingers and hands. This means that while the blade remains sharp, you will too.

With this product, you are receiving a good overall performer that is super-functional, despite what might be a deceptively sleek and modern design. All the materials used in the fabrication of the knife are not only good quality but premium quality, not least of all the blade itself, which provides superior cutting ability in addition to astounding longevity. The locking mechanism is simple but positive, providing sureness and reliability where you need it.

The Benchmade 761 is a tough knife, but not heavy. It is beautiful but practical. It is a great everyday carry that can crown a collection.

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