Benchmade 530

Benchmade 530

Benchmade 530


The idea of a pocket knife is that it is useful and that it will come in handy, particularly when you are not necessarily expecting to use a knife. The 530 fits this bill, because not only is it incredibly portable, it is built well enough to satisfy any unforeseen situations. The Benchmade 530 has been described as the ultimate lightweight carry, which is no surprise when considering Benchmade's consistent reputation for being among the top standards in manufacturing quality, combined with their lightest knife in stock.


In addition to being an exceptionally light knife, it is also one of Benchmade's slimmest. The blade steel is 154CM (58-61 HRC), with a blade length of 3.25" (8.26cm) and a blade thickness of 0.090" (2.29mm). Designed by Pardue, the 530 features the AXIS mechanism for manual opening. It is incredibly compact and easy to carry, wherever you are going, for however long and whatever you are wearing. Open, the knife measures 7.42" (18.85cm) in length. Closed, it is only 4.17" (10.59cm) long.

Benchmade 530 Knife

This incredibly effective knife comes with a choice of two handles, each with a thickness of only 0.37" (9.40mm). The Black Grivory Handle (fiberglass reinforced nylon) weighs 1.88oz. (53.30g). The Gray and Black Textured G10 Handle is slightly heavier, weighing in at just 2.10oz. (59.53g). Each handle has its own style and gives you the chance to customize your knife to suit your own preferences. You should know, however, that both handles are designed with practicality in mind so that they will be comfortable in a variety of situations and for different sizes of hand.

More about the Benchmade 530

While it is not a survival knife, its purpose is to be small and light, but also tough. Although this is a light knife, that does not mean that it will only perform light tasks. The build quality is just as high as would be expected for a larger knife and these handles are designed to be put through their paces. They are ideal for city usage and everyday tasks, whether indoor or outdoor.

There are many configuration options available when purchasing a Benchmade 530. In addition to a choice of handle style, it is possible to choose between a serrated edge and plain edge. Generally speaking, you will want the plain edge option if you think you will mostly be making push cuts, such as whittling or peeling vegetables. The serrated edge, most often, is the preference for making repeated slices, for example, cutting through rope or carpet.

While the plain edge will be easier to sharpen, a serrated edge is likely to require less maintenance overall. This depends of course on your intended knife applications, but you should not let sharpening concerns dominate your decision as to which blade you need. With knives of this quality, and with routine honing, your blades are going to hold their edges a long time before they need sharpening, regardless of the edge type.

You can choose whether you want the blade in a satin finish, which will look good throughout hard use, or a coated blade, which might add some extra flair to what is already an attractive tool while delivering wear and anti-corrosion benefits, particularly when faced with saltwater.

Also consider whether you would prefer this knife with a drop point or a spear point. Drop point blades are the most common type of blades found on knives, being strong, very controllable and also giving a long, sharp cutting edge or 'belly' for slicing. You may, however, favor receiving this knife with a spear point, which will have a smaller belly, but will offer you a strong, sharp point, and exceptional control.

If you are economizing on space, or you do not want to carry a heavy knife, there is no need to turn to a budget option. A small knife does not need to be low quality. With the 530, Benchmade did not compromise on build quality or feel and neither should you. It is a very usable, practical and effective knife, despite fitting so easily into a pocket or bag.

There are often occasions when you will want more than just an everyday knife, when you will want something of higher quality. There is no reason why you cannot make a Benchmade 530 your everyday carry. Not only is it portable, but it is also well-built, durable, and pleasing to both the eye and hand. It is designed with outdoor use in mind, so it is tiny, but mighty. It will stand up to any normal, outdoor tasks you might wish to perform. Benchmade

It has been reported that this knife has been used variously as a hammer, screwdriver and bottle opener. Even under such punishment, the blade retained its edge. As customers have come to expect from Benchmade, the quality of the steel is impeccable. The Benchmade 530 comes with a standard clip with a reversible tip-up position and a lanyard hole, for a choice of carrying options. It is small enough, however, to fit unobtrusively into any pocket, even suit trousers or shorts.

Overall, the knife feels great and you will enjoy its quality, which keeps delivering when you actually feel it in your hands. The action is smooth and the AXIS mechanism is strong. This knife's greatest advantage is its size and for maximum enjoyment it should be used sensibly. If you are looking for a great knife that will not weigh you down or make a dent in your pocket - physically or financially - then this is for you.

It would also make an ideal new purchase, or gift, for someone who likes to carry more than one knife at a time. The Benchmade 530 makes an excellent second knife since it is designed specifically to be lightweight and ultra-thin. The 530 gives astounding performance and comfort of use, in a neat, compact package.

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