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The 765 has been described as the 'little brother' to the 761. If you do not already know the 761, it is a formidable knife that stuns on appearance, thanks to its thoughtful, modern design and grace of its beautiful titanium handle. For users of the 761, it does not take long to discover that the knife is also a powerhouse of functionality, able to perform in a vast range of situations.

You will be pleased to hear that the little brother, the Benchmade 765, which has also been referred to as the Mini Mono Lock, has all the exceptional qualities of the larger 761. With the 761's qualities, 'distilled' in a smaller knife, its power seems even more concentrated, making this quite simply one of the best small knives you can buy. The 761 remains an awesome knife, but the 765 is a very well-considered, alternative version to suit those who want a smaller knife of the same style.


The blade steel is M390 (60-62 HRC) with a length of 3.24" (8.23cm) and a thickness of 0.115" (2.921mm). The M390 is also referred to as a super steel, which gives this knife the edge over many knives in a similar size category that simply lack as high a specification. This blade is extremely sharp, durable and will hold an edge for a ridiculously long time.

Benchmade 765Open, the knife will measure 7.46" (18.95cm) while the closed length is 4.22" (10.72cm). The titanium handle is 0.41" (10.414mm) thick and relatively light, weighing 3.16oz. (89.58g).

More about the Benchmade 765

The titanium handle is stunning, as is the smoothness of the mono-lock. Opening this folder feels incredible. It feels like it is assisted. The mechanism can be opened easily with one hand and feels super smooth. The locking mechanism is extremely well-designed in order to make it as simple as possible, which is perhaps the great strength of the mechanism.

The knife is tight, with no play or wobble. It is not going to give up on you during use, as people have come to expect with budget knives. This knife was made in the USA, to the highest standards and expectations, and it is built to last.

Like the 761 before it, the Benchmade 765 is a thing of beauty, with great ergonomic lines and a great action. There is something about the more compact style that might make this even more appealing.

The blade is a drop point, with a very nice cutting edge and an incredibly sharp tip that is suitable for piercing. It comes with a plain edge and an attractive satin finish. Again, the sharpness of the blade is second to none, and it ought to be said that this blade will be sharp on arrival, so be careful as you unpack it from its box and pouch. When you open up the blade with that beautiful action, you will be able to split hair with it, straight out of the box.

Giving the blade an examination will show you that it is perfectly centered, and the geometry in general is truly exceptional. On applying the knife for the first time, you will see how wonderful it feels. It is perfectly balanced, evidence of the many years of learning and development undertaken by Benchmade.

The clip has been modified since the 761, so that it is now a reversible clip that allows the knife to be carried tip-up or tip down, according to your preference. This gives you control. Wear and use the knife as you see fit. Though particularly attractive, this knife is not intended to be only for show, it is a very sharp and very functional device that will see you through a range of impromptu situations.

As a knife designed for everyday use, you will be hard pressed to find a more perfect knife. It is very easy to operate the opening and closing mechanism with a single hand, and you can slip it away easily when it is not in use. The cutting edge is great for slicing, and piercing will be a breeze.

The ergonomics of the handle are superb. No matter which grip you are using for the knife, you will find that your comfort has been considered. Whether you are holding the knife so as to make push cuts or slices, your grip will be sure. The knife itself will be doing much of the work for you. Although the handle is smaller than the 761, it is long enough to fit four fingers comfortably, allowing the user to maintain excellent control over the knife whatever the circumstances. benchmade.jpg

The Benchmade 765 has been described as a gentlemanly knife. The smaller size makes it a great knife to consider for people who are looking for a new every day carry. The mechanism works superbly in this size and despite its diminutive size the knife remains robust and sturdy. Do not be dissuaded by the pretty color of the handle or the lightness of the tool itself. The lightness will be a boon when carried in your pocket or in a sheath, but it's not a problem when applying the knife in any situation.

An EDC is the kind of knife you want at your side when you do not know exactly what situations you are going to be facing. You need a knife that can meet a variety of goals, one that you can turn to when you did not leave home with a specific intent in mind. The fact that the Benchmade 765 is very portable and fits nicely in the pocket will make it a great EDC for many people. The one handed operation is a great EDC feature, since it means you can use it very quickly and easily, before returning it to safety.

Benchmade has listened to the opinions and reviews of its customers and produced yet another stunning knife that demonstrates the ultimate in balancing design flair with practicality and usability. If you need a knife that is able to perform in any every day situation, is very easy to carry and looks absolutely sensational, then the Benchmade 765 is the knife for you.

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