FAQ: Are the sheaths supplied with Bark River knives right-handed or left-handed?

13th May 2015

Sheaths available from KnivesShipFree

The sheaths supplied with Bark River Knives are either right-handed or ambidextrous, depending on the knife.

An ambidextrous sheath, like the one that comes with the Mini-Bushcrafter, will work for either right-handed or left-handed carry.

Most Bark River Knives, however, come standard with a right-handed sheath. If you're a lefty, when ordering from KnivesShipFree you can request a left-handed sheath by including a note in the "Comments" section of your order at checkout.

If a left-handed sheath is available for a particular knife, and provided we have it in stock, we'll exchange the sheath before shipping your order -- absolutely free. If we don't have your left-handed sheath in stock, we'll ship the standard right-handed sheath. You may then contact Bark River Knives directly to request a left-handed sheath.

The good folks at Bark River will swap the sheath at no charge. (You'll be responsible for shipping charges.)