FAQ: Which firesteels fit the loop on Bark River sheaths?

15th Apr 2015

Firesteels for Bark River Sheaths

The firesteel loop on sheaths from Bark River Knives accommodates a 3/8" firesteel. The following firesteels will fit the Bark River loop:

The leather loop is designed to hold a firesteel snugly, so inserting it the first time may take a little effort. If you have trouble, insert a pencil or similar object into the upper end of the loop, work it around a bit, and then try the firesteel again. It'll get easier the more you use it.

If you have an early Bark River  Bravo Necker or Bravo Necker II with a sheath (Kydex or leather) that accepts a firesteel, the KnivesShipFree 1/8" x 2" Ferrocerium Rod firesteels will fit.

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