FAQ: Do Bark River Knives have a Micro-Bevel?

FAQ: Do Bark River Knives have a Micro-Bevel?

1st Dec 2014

In a word, "No."

Some people have reported seeing a microbevel (or a secondary bevel) on Bark River Knives, but what they are likely seeing is a difference in the polish on the edge of the blade.

Bark River Micro Bevel

Mike Stewart addressed the issue of the Micro-Bevel like this:

"Every Blade is FLAT Ground to a very thick edge - usually about .035" on the edge. A HUGE-WIDE convex bevel then brings the knife to sharp. Then the face of the blade is Convex Ground to and right through that HUGE-WIDE convex bevel. The Two are then Blended together with a 120 grit polishing wheel and then a 240 grit polishing wheel and then a 320 grit polishing wheel. The entire blade is then given a 600 grit overall polish and the very edge is hit on a 3000 grit black compound wheel to remove any trace of the burr.

if you see a bevel at all it is just where the HUGE-WIDE convex bevel is blended into the convex face grind.

We never put any other bevels or micro bevels on any of our knives. Our knives are also NEVER Zero Convex Ground - that is not as strong as what we do - our knives have a convex grind with a shaped convex edge. This micro bevel thing drives me nuts. The edge is brighter than the face because only the very edge is 3000 grit polished. You may be seeing that brighter part as a bevel or the blended area is not 100% blended out but there is no micro bevel.

Nobody in my shop ever puts a Micro Bevel on anything - they would not even know how. they are taught to do exactly as i describe above."

As the largest Bark River Dealer in the world, we have handled thousands and thousands of knives and though, we see what people are calling a micro bevel, we have not seen micro bevels on any Bark River Knives.