FAQ: How do I adjust the pivot on my Benchmade knife?

20th Jul 2015

Pivot screw

On almost every Benchmade folding knife you'll find an adjustable pivot. You can loosen or tighten the pivot screw (right) with a Torx driver, setting the knife's action to your liking.

It's a great feature -- the way we see it, anything that lets you personalize a knife is a plus.

The goal, of course, is to find the "sweet spot." Exactly where that is will depend on your personal preferences. The trick to getting it just right is a matter of making a slight adjustment, living with it for a while, and then (if need be) fine-tuning the tension 'til it suits you.

Just be careful -- you don't want the pivot so loose that the blade flops open in your pocket. On the other hand, over-tightening the pivot can make the knife downright unusable, and it causes premature wear.

(Don't have a Torx driver? We recommend the Benchmade BlueBox tool kit.)

When your knife is new...

A folding knife is a mechanical device, so its contact surfaces take time to "mate" -- regular action "polishes" the surfaces smooth. During the natural break-in period, you may want to wait a while before adjusting the pivot.

Right out of the box, a new folder might seem tight (or tighter than you'd like), but chances are it simply needs some use to operate smoothly. You don't want to loosen the pivot screw to "fix" a problem that doesn't exist, and you'd only be delaying normal break-in.

We urge you to resist adjusting the pivot right away. Give your new Benchmade some time to break-in naturally before messing with the tension of the pivot. In the long run it'll be worth the wait.

(For more information, check out our primer on the break-in period for folding knives.)