Black Class

Black Class


Black Class

Used by professionals when quality tools can mean the difference between life and death. From Law Enforcement and Public Safety to Elite Military Troops, Benchmade's obligation is still the same: the best equipment for the job. Imagine what they can do for you!

Benchmade groups their knives into three general classes. There is the Gold Class which uses exotic materials and expensive steels, and are their highest quality knives. Next, there is the Blue Class, which is their more standard class and is really the heart of their inventory. Finally, there is the Black Class. The Blue and Black Class are the same quality level; they are just geared towards different users. The Black Class is a line of knives created for military, law enforcement officials, EMTs, and other experienced professionals, however, civilians are able to purchase these knives as well. All three of these classes are made in America, and are available from Knives Ship Free.

Many of the knives in the Black Class are created from some of the strongest materials on the market. This includes G10 or aluminum handles as well as 154CM blades or D2 tool steel. The Black Class included many of Benchmade’s best-selling models such as the Nimravus®, Rift®, Adamas®, Bedlam®, Triage® and Stryker®.

The Benchmade Nimravus® is an all-time best-selling, combat fixed blade that has a 154CM stainless steel 4.5” blade. The utility blade shape will allow you to use this knife in a variety of applications. The sheath for the Nimravus® can be carried inside or outside the waistband.

Designed by Warren Osborne, the Benchmade Rift® comes with a variety of features including a 154CM reverse Tanto blade. These knives come complete with the one-hand ambidextrous function, AXIS® lock mechanism, and textured G10 handle scales for secure grip.

Available in both manual and automatic, the Benchmade Adamas® folding knives have proven to be the strongest AXIS® knives on the market. This series of knives was created by Shane Sibert to honor our fighting heroes. The Adamas® knives come complete with a thick blade made of D2 steel, liners and also G10 handle scales.

While this next knife is somewhat large, it is considered one of the most comfortable knives to handle. The Benchmade Bedlam® comes equipped with the AXIS® locking mechanism and dual thumb studs for quick one-handed access. The blade is constructed of 154CM stainless steel and the handle material is G10.

The Benchmade Triage® has been tested by some of the world’s foremost rescue experts. These knives are considered a triple utility tool, as they include a knife, a safety hook, and a glass breaker. The Triage knives also come with the AXIS® locking mechanism and textured G10 handles.

Benchmade Stryker® knives are a line that includes auto, assist and manual models. The AXIS® Stryker® have slim handles and you can choose from multiple options for size and blade style. This a great choice for a tactical daily duty knife. The Auto-Stryker® offers a larger, stronger locking button along with an open back spacer design for easy maintenance and increased spring force. The AXIS® Stryker® II offers anodized red hardware accents and a Damasteel® Odin Heim™ blade.

History of Benchmade

Benchmade is committed to making some of the very best knives using the highest quality materials. This is what makes them one of the top production knife companies today. Founded in 1988, Benchmade relied on many outside vendors for basic work, due to limited resources. Their commitment and passion for providing quality knives helped their company grow and allowed them to expand and gain more control over the production of their knives. Benchmade was actually one of the first knife manufacturers to have lasers in their factory. In 1996, they moved to Oregon City into a much larger facility to be able to have complete control over production. Benchmade continues to bring quality products to tactical operators, first responders and collectors by focusing on innovation and customer needs.