Benchmade Adamas

Benchmade Adamas®

Designed by Shane Sibert, the Benchmade Adamas® folding knives have shown themselves to be the strongest AXIS knives ever made. Whether you favor the manual or the automatic, you will find that the thick blade and the G10 handle scales combine to produce a knife that is incredibly strong. Note also that some of the proceeds from sales of this knife go to Three Rangers and to the Navy SEAL Foundation, both of which benefit members and families of special operations. The Adamas® is part of the Black Class family of knives.


The blade steel is D2 (60-62 HRC). This premium material means that the blade will be super-strong. It will hold a great edge and that edge is likely to last a very long time, even after being put to hard work. It is simply not going to wear the way that cheaper blades may when put under the same stress.

benchmade-adamas-knives.jpgIt is this kind of detail that marks the difference between a quality, USA made, Benchmade product as opposed to a cheaper variant purchased from a non-specialist store or imported from overseas.

The length of the blade on these knives is 3.82" (9.70cm) and the thickness is a sturdy 0.160" (4.06mm). Open, the knife will measure 8.70" (22.10cm) while the closed length will be 4.88" (12.40cm). The thickness of the handle is 0.73" (18.54mm), contributing to an overall knife weight of 7.68oz. (217.72g), while the automatic variant is slightly lighter, at 7.54oz. (213.76g). The Adamas® family, whether manual or automatic, comes with sheaths, weighing less than 1.50oz. (42.52g).

More about the Benchmade Adamas®

If you choose the manual opening version of the Adamas® knife, it will contain the patented AXIS mechanism. This mechanism is incredibly smooth and easy to use. It also locks very nicely, creating a solid feel. This is a well-crafted mechanism, the result of years of knife-making expertise, practical experience and the ability to know what customers want, turning their dream products into reality.

The automatic version of this knife uses the variant of the AXIS mechanism known as Auto Axis. It gives you sure and super-fast deployment and is very easy to use. Again, it locks tightly and securely, giving a great, reliable and trustworthy feel to the knife. It will not let you down.

The blade finish of these knives is coated, as is typical with knives designed for tactical use. The blade style is drop-point, providing a balance between a nice cutting edge and a sharp point for piercing and more detailed work.

A choice of clips gives you flexibility regarding how you carry your knife. You have a choice of deep carry, so the knife does not stick obtrusively high out of your pocket, or a heavy duty, Molle compatible, malice clip. Your malice clip will not suffer as a result of heat or cold, nor will it corrode. As might be expected from tactical equipment, you will be able to use the lanyard hole if you see fit to do so and the knife comes with a Cordura sheath. Benchmade

While it is great for tactical use, know that an Adamas® knife can also be used for everyday use. Many people have reported using one of these knives as an everyday carry.

An Adamas® has reassuring weight to it, thanks to the fantastic balance achieved by Benchmade design and manufacture. It is a great balance between the size, weight and therefore practicality, and its ability to fit into a pocket very nicely. It might be somewhat bigger than other typical EDC knives, but have a look for yourself and you will see that it could absolutely serve in this fashion.

If you are looking for a very sturdy and strong knife that can also work effectively as an EDC, then this might be the one for you. It is tough enough to withstand hard use, but is also comfortable, portable and versatile enough to be appropriate for every day usage. For a fairly big knife, it is relatively flat and you can carry it very comfortably. You will find that it is not too bulky or heavy to sit nicely in your pocket.

The automatic version of the knife opens with force and authority. It has some real snap to it and deploys very quickly. You will also find that the blade locks into place firmly and securely. The mechanism will stand up to whatever task you then throw at the knife, until it's time to return the blade to its closed position.

The Adamas® family has been used during military deployment overseas. As you can imagine, in these circumstances knives are used in a variety of testing situations. Adamas® knives have always been up to the task.

This knife will cut pretty much anything you ask of it and will be at least comparable to any other knife of the same size. The super strong blade will retain its sharpness longer than other blades and, eventually, when you feel that it might benefit from sharpening, you will be able to return it to prime performance with relative ease. The D2 blade steel is incredible. Its strength and durability make it perfect for a knife that is such a good all-around performer, and a bit larger and more rugged than other offerings. With a D2 blade steel, this knife lives up to the expectations promoted by its appearance and will not disappoint down the road.

If you are seeking a tough knife that will be great in particular situations, or if you desire an everyday carry that has a bit more strength and size than typical EDC offerings, the Adamas® family should be among your first considerations. With many factors that can be customized, you can be sure to receive the knife that is perfect for you, and it will provide you with years of solid and reliable service.

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