FAQ: Can I change the position of the pocket clip on my Benchmade knife?

21st Jun 2015

Yes, if your particular Benchmade knife allows for it.

Some (but not all) Benchmade models accommodate more than one position for the pocket clip, allowing either left- or right-handed carry, as well as tip-up or tip-down carry. Take a look at the current position of the clip on your Benchmade, along with the way it attaches, and then look for vacant holes in a matching pattern at the other end of the handle (and on the opposite side).

You'll need a Torx driver to remove (and re-insert) the screws securing the clip to the knife. (We recommend Benchmade's Blue Box Toolkit for this.) Remove the screws holding the clip in place, move it to the new position and replace the screws.

Consider applying a drop of thread-locking compound (blue Loctite, for example) to each screw. Whatever you do, don't over-tighten the screws.

At some point, of course, you may decide to remove the pocket clip and leave it off, and that's fine -- it won't affect your knife's function. Put the clip and the screws in a plastic bag in case you change your mind and want to put the clip back later. Don't thread the screws back into your knife's handle "for safekeeping," however -- without the clip, the screws will go farther into the handle, which could scratch the blade or interfere with its function.