Knife Knowledge

    2015 Stocking Stuffers

    16th Dec 2015

    Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our deals on stocking stuffers. There are some great deals here.  Note:  All deals end on Christmas Eve. I made a video to explain them all. … read more

    What's Happening at Bark River 11/19/15 Transcript

    20th Nov 2015

    Thursday 11/19 A lot of stuff coming up. From a couple of weeks ago we have the 1909 Michigan Bowies. They are a recreation of Marble‚Äôs Trailmaker The Michigan Bowie is a recreation of a M … read more

    What's Happening at Bark River 10/30/15

    30th Oct 2015

    In this video, Jim Stewart of Bark River Knives takes us around to show us the progress on the new Bark River Bravo EDC. The Bravo EDC has been a very popular knife for Bark River, but now i … read more

    What's Happening at Bark River 10/21/15 Transcript

    22nd Oct 2015

    Check out the great selection of Aurora LT in CPM3VThursday, November 22 Bark River knives is doing a run of Black Jack 125s. Every single knife gets a stack of laser cut spacers in the front and bac … read more