This week at Bark River: October 13, 2015 [TRANSCRIPT]

13th Oct 2015


JIM STEWART, BARK RIVER KNIVES: Hello, everybody. I am Jim Stewart from Bark River Knives, and we're going to do another walkthrough for the week of the October Thirteenth.

This is our version of the competition knife. Most people are calling it a battle cleaver now. And it's very solid in the hand. It's very -- it's actually, for its weight, it's very quick, very deft, and of course, this is razor, razor sharp. Check out that spine. Look how thick that thing is. I think that's two-seventy, on the spine? Or maybe it's two-fifty, I don't know. I haven't measured it just yet. Because every single one of these is absolutely hand-convex-ground, from straight bar stock. This isn't -- doesn't really go through our normal pipeline, so every single one of these has a perfect convex all the way down, by hand from straight bar stock.

There are only seventy of these, but in that seventy is a large variety of different handle materials. Of course, we have Micartas -- green canvas, black canvas -- but we also have double-dyes.

You have Skittles expertly hand-grinding one of these beautiful knives. Hasn't sharpened it yet, still making the shape. But look at that level of precision. He's going back and forth. Like a boss.

And back to the variety that we have. This is black linen, and then again, with mesquite burl. And every single one of these handles is hand-ground from just two solid blocks. But they all have ergonomic shapes. And this is our double palm swell. Done completely by hand.

For the battle cleavers, we are making our own sheaths from, from scratch by these, so these are all hand-cut. Again there's only seventy of these so it's not an incredibly difficult run, but check out the work that goes into some of these.

Thanks for the follow-through. See you next week.