Lacerator Mk.5

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I remember getting my first "fully serrated knife" as a kid and being utterly disappointed. There was just something missing, and I vowed to one day make the knife of my dreams a reality.

Introducing the Lacerator Mk.5, the world's FIRST fully serrated knife. Cut anything and everything with the most advanced folding knife ever produced. The proprietary No-Slip Clip™ is designed to aggressively dig into any material. Whether you're wearing denim or khakis, this knife has no chance of falling out of your pocket.

There are a lot of knives out there claiming to have a secure grip and solid ergonomics, but none of them can compete with the SurroundSerration technology of the Lacerator. It's scientifically proven to achieve 25.3 times as much grip as traditional jimping grooves while also providing the most cutting-surface-per-square-inch of any knife on the market.


Overall Length: 7.7777"
Blade Length: 3.3333"
Blade Steel: Nitro-Z
Blade Hardness: 99HRC
Blade Thickness: .100"
Weight: 3.33oz.


SurroundSerration technology - fully serrated Titanium frame
Highest cutting-surface-per-square-inch on the market
No-Slip Clip™
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