Knife Knowledge

FAQ: "What is tool steel?"

8th Jan 2015

Question: "What is tool steel?" Tool steel is a term that refers to high carbon alloys that are optimal for use in tools, particularly where a high edge retention, resistance to abrasion and def … read more

Will the black coating on my knife wear off?

13th May 2014

You have been looking at beautiful knives and some of them have a black coating on the blade.  Everyone wonders if the knife coating will come off with use.The short answer is, "Yes."Knife coatin … read more

FAQ: Do Wooden Knife Handles Shrink?

5th May 2014

At KnivesShipFree, we sell a lot of wood handled knives.  And if you have ever taken a look at Bark River Knives or the Northwoods Knife line, you know how beautiful wood handles can be. … read more