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    FAQ: "What is tool steel?"

    8th Jan 2015

    Question: "What is tool steel?" Tool steel is a term that refers to high carbon alloys that are optimal for use in tools, particularly where a high edge retention, resistance to abrasion and def … read more
    FAQ: How Do I Maintain My Carbon Steel Knives?

    FAQ: How Do I Maintain My Carbon Steel Knives?

    2nd Dec 2014

    With the popularity of traditional and custom knives (like  Great Eastern Cutlery, Northwoods Knives, Bark River Knives, Fiddleback Forge, etc), we are asked all the time, … read more

    Will the black coating on my knife wear off?

    13th May 2014

    You have been looking at beautiful knives and some of them have a black coating on the blade.  Everyone wonders if the knife coating will come off with use.The short answer is, "Yes."Knife coatin … read more

    FAQ: Do Wooden Knife Handles Shrink?

    5th May 2014

    At KnivesShipFree, we sell a lot of wood handled knives.  And if you have ever taken a look at Bark River Knives or the Northwoods Knife line, you know how beautiful wood handles can be. … read more

    What's Micarta? What's G-10? Which is stronger?

    5th May 2014

    Micarta is an industrial laminate, originally used in electrical and decorative applications, produced by applying heat and pressure to layers of fibrous materials -- such as linen, burlap, canv … read more