Kitchen Cutlery: Recurve Steak Knife - 4 Piece Set

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Chef Works: Recurve Steak Knife Set - 4pc

Whether you're a knife person or a steak lover (or both), you know that a steak cut with a sharp knife just tastes better. The reason is simple -- the juices stay in the meat rather than getting squeezed out onto your plate or cutting board.

These unique Recurve Steak Knives are designed specifically to make clean cuts. The blade geometry helps keep the edge away from dulling surfaces (like ceramic dinner plates), so they stay sharper longer. And a special reverse-scallop serration on the tip won't tear the steak as it cuts.

The German 420HC blades are the perfect size -- 4.75 inches -- and the handles are durable POM thermoplastic. The set of four knives comes in its own wooden storage box.

Although these knives are made to take a fair amount of abuse, we recommend that you treat them as you would any of your other fine cutlery -- wash them by hand, not in the dishwasher.