Custom Benchmade Griptilian Scales - Black Carbon Fiber

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Custom Replacement Handle Upgrade

Do you love your Benchmade Griptilian, but you're tired of the less-than-premium-feeling handles?

Time for an upgrade!

These custom carbon fiber handle scales -- available exclusively from KnivesShipFree -- have been machined specifically for the full-size Benchmade Griptilian and are a direct replacement for the original Noryl GTX handles. They'll completely change the way your knife looks and feels.

All of the hardware you'll need is included. These replacement handle scales fit all full-size Benchmade Griptilian models (550, 551, 553).


  • Weight: 5.1oz (original Benchmade scales weigh 3.76oz)
  • Handle Thickness: 19.2mm (original Benchmade scales are 16.25mm thick)
  • Silver hardware


It's easy to install these upgraded handle scales on your Benchmade Griptilian. The only tools you'll need are three Torx bits (T6, T8 and T10, all of which are available in the Benchmade Blue Box Toolkit).

To help make it even easier, KnivesShipFree has produced two installation guides:

Note: KnivesShipFree cannot warranty any broken or lost parts due to assembly or disassembly of the knife. This is not an official Benchmade product. According to Benchmade's warranty policy, "[The Benchmade Lifetime Warranty] does not cover...disassembly of any knife by any person other than Benchmade's Warranty department...." 


3 Reviews

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    Best CF Grip Upgrade Scales Ever

    Posted by CelticCross74 on 26th Dec 2018

    I have been on the search for the Holy Grail Griptilian scales and hardware for a very long time. Had a coupled KSF cheaper mini Grip upgrade scale kits a couple of years ago. They were amazing but hard to keep clean.

    Fast forward a couple of YEARS and all the sudden I see KSF is offering what looks like very high quality custom machined 100% carbon fiber all the way through(no peel ply)for BOTH big and Mini Grips.

    For those out there that are considering these scales or any other of the KSG Grip upgrade scales pay close attention to the OTHER photo in any of the scale kit ads.

    That pic taken from looking down on a folded Grip shows the VERY different than stock ergonomics of the KSF scales.

    YES they are thicker than factory scales but not by too much. Once you handle a KSF scale kit Grip big or Mini you will immediately notice how much more comfortable the knife is in your hands let alone how much more control these KSF specific(?) ergonomics give you over the blade.

    I wound up actually upgrading 2 BM Custom Shop Grips with both the big CF Grip kit from KSF and the CF Mini Grip Kit they are just THAT good.

    Those BM Custom Shop Grips I tore down to put these, the BEST CF Grip Scale upgrade Kits I have ever seen, both had black coated sheepsfoot M4 blades. Thus both completed KSF CF Grip big and Mini are now the nicest and most practical folding pocket knives I have ever had.

    If I need anything bigger I just use a fixed blade. I really wish I could upload some pics of the amazing finished product.

    Despite the price this KSF CF Grip Upgrade Kit is worth every cent.

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    Best Full Size Grip CF Scales I Have Ever Seen

    Posted by CelticCross74 on 15th Dec 2018

    The full size Grip that got these KSF CF scales began as one of the REI G10 full size Grips with the thick but nice multi color G10.

    The REI Special G10 scales sure had lots of grip but they also are "over done" in my opinion. The ergonomics that Grips are known for get lost on the REI Grip thus I never really used it.

    I have tried KSF Grip scales before for mini Grips and they were stunning. The moment I found out KSF was now offering VERY high quality carbon fiber scale and hardware kits for both the full size and mini Grip I jumped on the full size Grip CF kit.

    KSF custom scales are the easiest scales to put on any Grip I have yet seen. They near put themselves on.

    The ergonomics of the KSF Grip custom scales are about as good as they are going to get really. YES these KSF CF scales ARE thicker than the standard factory scales.

    STOP! I know that just turned a lot of people off right there but wait! The KSF custom scales also have custom ergonomics which is why they are thicker in the center to fit the palm of a hand better then thinning out perfectly on both ends to fit any grip position really.

    Lastly the QUALITY of the carbon fiber is some of the BEST I have ever seen. No it is not a peel ply CF sticker on G10. It is high quality carbon fiber all the way through.

    More than worth the price.

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    4.5 stars

    Posted by Matt on 28th Jan 2017

    The ergos are fantastic! Most comfortable handle ever. It does make it thicker in pocket but as the saying goes good in hand or good in pocket, this is defiantly good in hand. The two thick slabs of carbon fiber meet perfect along the spine. Not too difficult to assemble but it took me a minute. You can see we're the cnc machine made its passes you can fix this with some sandpaper, but go wet sand as carbon fiber is really bad to breath. Comes with silver hardwear that doesn't match the factory pivot or clip. Ask for the black. Besides for the hardwear color and little bit of sanding it requires its great!

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