Benchmade Proper

Benchmade Proper


Benchmade Proper

The Benchmade Proper is a great little slipjoint knife. A slipjoint is a very traditional type of knife, predating modern mechanisms like the AXIS lock. There is a steel spring running down the spine of the knife and providing tension on the tang of the blade, both in the open and closed position. The backspring makes opening and closing easy and solid without the need to disengage any locks.

Thanks to this simple yet effective mechanism, this folding pocketknife is legal in almost every single country and region.

Modern Materials

This medium-sized pocket knife features durable materials like G10, micarta, and carbon fiber. Each of these has its own look that fit the profile perfectly, and they offer a comfortable amount of grip. The handle offers you good grip traction for your hand in normal EDC use.

The handle is shaped to give the knife a great grip. The frame flares out on either end to create a pocket for your hand. On the surface, each grip has a consistent finish that looks and feels great.

The blade is made from Crucible steel: CPM-S30V on the base models and CPM-S90V on the carbon fiber edition. The blade comes in two profiles, a sheepsfoot and clip point. Both of these lend themselves very well to everyday uses and have been prominent choices among traditional pocket knives for many years.

As pocket knives go, the Benchmade Proper is a beautiful knife with mechanisms that have withstood the test of time. Its classic design is such that you will want to have this knife with you at all times. Benchmade has applied all the modern production and materials at their disposal without losing the essence of what the Proper is – a classic pocket knife.


• Blade Length: 2.86”
• Blade Thickness: 0.090”
• Handle Thickness: 0.40”
• Blade Material: CPM-S30V or CPM-S90V premium stainless steel
• Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC
• Weight: 2.32 oz.
• Overall Length: 6.69”
• Made in the USA

If you have never owned a slip joint, the Benchmade 319 is a great knife to start with thanks to its durable, maintenance free materials. If you already have slipjoints, this one will instantly stand out in your collection.