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Gunny Hunter - CPM Cru-Wear

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Bark River Knives: Gunny Hunter - CPM Cru-Wear

Bark River Knives: Gunny Hunter - CPM Cru-Wear

The Gunny Hunter is a smaller version of the Bravo-1 that Bark River Knives developed for the Force Recon Units of the U.S. Marine Corp. This scaled down version is designed to be as rugged and as useful but in a smaller--easier to carry package. The knife easily makes the crossover from military use to civilian use and is an excellent choice for a smaller all around hiking & camping knife. The handles are contoured in the same style as the larger Bravo 1.


  Overall Length:    8.4" 
  Blade Length:    3.775" 
  Blade Steel:    CPM Cru-Wear 
  Blade Thickness:    .154" 
  Weight:    5.625oz. 
  Price:    Starting at $209.97 


Made in the USA.

High-Quality Right-Hand Leather Sheath Included