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Bark River Knives: Gunny - Elmax

Bark River Knives: Gunny - Elmax

The Bravo Series Gunny was initially designed as a smaller and actually concealable version of the Bravo-1 for Para-Military use when in local garb. The Bark River Bravo-Gunny has turned out to be so much more than that. It excels as a medium field knife for both military use and civilian sporting use. The civilian sporting uses are staggering. The knife has proven to be just about right for both hunting and bushcrafting for a lot of folks.

This version of the Gunny has been made in the new Bohler Elmax – Super Stainless Steel. Elmax is a super clean powder metal alloy that has a highly refined grain structure and very small – evenly disbursed carbides. This nets very high edge holding with no trace of brittleness. These should be some of the best performing stainless steel knives on the market today.


 Overall Length:     8.4" 
 Blade Length:     3.775" 
 Blade Steel:     Bohler Elmax @ 60-61RC 
 Blade Thickness:     .156" 
 Weight:     5.625oz. 
 Price:     Starting at $210.02 


Made in the USA.

High-quality leather sheath included.

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