Adventurer - Damascus

Adventurer - Damascus

Bark River Knives: Adventurer - Damascus

Bark River Knives - Adventurer Neck Knife - Damascus

The Bark River Knives Adventurer Neck Knife is very compact and easy to carry. The unique handle is ergonomic any way you need hold it and very secure in your grip. The handle has a relief for your thumb for use in a lateral hold for chores like skinning or cutting through a hide. As compact as the knife is, most people will still be able to have a four finger hold on the knife for most uses and the grooves on the top of the spine help locate the blade in the hand and also are handy for scraping a firesteel.

The knife is feather light and will do the cutting tasks of a larger knife.  The Adventurer excels for fine work and performs very well for heavier cutting tasks when necessary.

This special run features genuine Damascus steel made by Zoe Crist.


  Overall Length:   6.775"
  Blade Length:   3.250"
  Cutting Edge:   2.675"
  Blade Steel:   Zoe Crist 1095 Damascus
  Blade Thickness:     .125"
  Blade Height:   .80"
  Weight:   2.675oz.
  Price:   Starting at $269.95


A special thanks to Murray Carter.  This is an adaptation of one of his designs on a neck knife.  Murray was kind enough to open his designs up to other makers in his excellent book on knife design, 101 Knife Designs.

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