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Zoe Crist Knives

Zoe Crist Knives

Most of the time when I pick up a line of knives, it is all about the knives. 

Zoe Crist is different. 

Zoe is one of those guys that the moment you meet him, you know you want to know him better.  His quiet charisma is contagious.  Once you know his courageous story, you like him even more.  When you meet his family, you are almost there.

Then you see his knives.

I have to admit, I wanted to carry Zoe's knives about 3 minutes after meeting him, but when I saw his knives, it sealed the deal.

Zoe's attention to detail and his commitment to making both beautiful and functional knives is impressive.  From his full-on customs to his new semi-custom versions, they are knives I wanted to own and to carry.