Town Cutler: Baja 3" Paring - Mexican Blanket G-Carta - Black G-10 Pins - Nitro-V

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The Baja series stands out with its colorful Mexican Blanket Especial handle scales, a specialized synthetic from G.L. Hansen & Sons. A small paring knife sees a lot of use in the kitchen and is a must for peeling and prepping fruits and veggies. Town Cutler fashioned this 3" blade from Nitro-V stainless steel which is ideal in a high-end kitchen blade thanks to its great edge retention and stain resistance.


Blade Length: 3"
Blade Steel: Nitro-V
Blade Hardness: 61HRC
Blade Thickness: .100"
Weight: 1.6oz.


Mexican Blanket Especial by G.L. Hansen & Sons
Nitro-V stainless steel
Made in Reno, Nevada, USA

Country of Origin: USA