TOPS Knives: Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft - Tan Canvas Micarta - Tumbled Finish

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TOPS Knives: Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft - Tan Canvas Micarta - Tumbled Finish

The Fieldcraft Knife was designed by The Brothers of Bushcraft, a coalition of men across North America focusing on sharing wilderness living skills of all categories. From tracking, to building shelters, the Brothers of Bushcraft make it a point to show the skills to all people, of all ages, from all over.

The Fieldcraft Knife is the culmination of their knowledge, combining experiences from; the broad and humid rain forests, the arid and scorpion-littered deserts, and the frigid northern lands that span the Americas.

The sheath is a strong, durable Kydex, with a steel belt clip. This arrangement allows a safe, secure and comfortable carry on the belt, pack strap, or even around the neck. With a built in Ferro-rod attachment point, the sheath now doubles as a minimalist survival kit.

The Fieldcraft Knife has had heavy duty abuse, and testing done in the wilderness of Canada, where local survival experts Mors Kochanski, Dr. Gino Ferri, and many others have deemed her a "Serviceable Field Knife". These words are exactly what she is meant to be.

From carving netting needles and trap triggers, to chopping through branches, the TOPS Knives / Brothers of Bushcraft Fielcraft Knife will do just about any chore that you can throw at her in a wilderness survival scenario.


 Overall Length:   10.00" 
 Blade Length:   4.75" 
 Blade Steel:   1095 Carbon Steel 
 Blade Thickness:   .190" 
 Weight:   9.6oz. 

1 Review

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    TOPS Fieldcraft BoB

    Posted by Carlu on 4th Apr 2020

    The knife KSF sent me exceeded all my expectations. I found everything about the TOPS Fieldcraft BoB to be absolutely favorable. This is a rugged design and can fully be said to be Sailor-proof tough, as we were known to say. The many video reviews visually demonstrate the extensive abilities of such a knife so there is not much I can add in a written review that few knowledgeable in the art of bushcraft would even read. As a novice, I'll try my best to include some info that video reviewers forgot to mention or some provision that was never fully explained.
    The TOPS Fieldcraft phenomenon has been with us for several years already and while it has reached near perfection in the many flavors this knife is provided, it is a pure woodsman's knife that has gained a huge following who can collectively combine a full complement of experiences to make the wild American outdoors actually enjoyable, as my Dad would do. Despite the efforts by the reviewers to demonstrate each knife as if some individual was stranded out in the wild with nothing else available, we know that to be a rarity in the real world, and the experienced backpackers choosing this knife will likely also be carrying a fire starting kit full of little proven tricks including Zippos, plasma arcs and possibly even a propane torch to get a campfire going under any circumstance.
    The TOPS factory has really provided exceptional knowledge on creating knives that have combined the reliability of rugged military issue knives with workmanship that is equal to custom made brands at about half the price. The BOB is more robust and priced affordably enough for everyone's budget and still displays all the flair of a professional tool that outdoorsmen appreciate.
    The knife of course, is the perfect cutting tool to carry on every camping trip, and will fit right into my assortment of bushcraft saws and choppers that I keep readily available.
    I couldn't help but notice the extremely tight hold the Kydex sheath has on the knife when attempting to draw it for use. After several futile attempts to formulate a reliable draw technique, I took a good look at the situation and decided that rather than using heat and risking unnecessary deformation for an easier pull, to instead just remove the uppermost bolt from the sheath. Doing that still allows a secure berth for the knife, but also allows for a slight opening needed to slip the knife from the sheath with just a push of the thumb. But don't misplace that little screw because it can eventually be reinserted again. Fortunately nothing was damaged while finding the fix. This sheath will be perfect for my use and can expect its tough build will hold up to lots of abuse during my outdoor excursions. TOPS Knives also provides an accessory leather sheath for this knife. Just as some people will see a half-full glass of water as being half-empty instead, an alternate dangling leather sheath is readily available for those preferring that style instead of the standard Kydex sheath. Both are a work of perfection in my opinion, and of course, all components are proudly displayed as products made in the USA.

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