Three Sisters Forge

Three Sisters Forge

Three Sisters Forge

Out in central Oregon, in the eastern shadow of three towering volcanic peaks -- called Faith, Hope and Charity by early settlers -- Jim Allen makes knives. He enjoys the view, naturally, and he takes a measure of inspiration from these "Three Sisters."

Jim is a retired dentist -- and before you scoff at that, consider that in his former profession he learned a thing or two about metallurgy, surface dynamics and perfection. After losing the use of his left hand ended his medical career, he turned to making knives. That was over 20 years ago.

Today, his Three Sisters Forge produces spectacular custom knives, primarily folders, aimed at military, law-enforcement and sporting use. His incomparable work has earned him numerous awards.

In a Three Sisters Forge knife you'll find the best materials, like aircraft-quality titanium, and the highest standards for heat-treating. The steel he employs is cryo-stabilized and triple-tempered, and each blade is Rockwell-tested.

Three Sisters Forge designs also are subjected to constant field testing, so that Jim's knives live up to his mission: "Every day we try to raise the bar."

KnivesShipFree is proud to offer you the knives of "Doctor" Jim Allen and Three Sisters Forge. You're going to love them.


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