Bark River STS-5

The S-T-S-5 is a design that Bark River developed at the specific request by members of the U.S. Marine corp.s Force Recon.

The Face and nature of Warfare in the last 10 yers has changed. With encounters becoming Face to Face and chest to Chest it has been time for some new Strategy and some new training of Elite Units.

The use of a knife as a weapon had really been mostly phased out for all U.S. Armed Forces.

Without going into Specifics on the Actual Training that has been adopted and is in use there is now a need for a knife that is compact while still having enough Blade to reach Vitals and stout enough to deliver enough energy to pierce to those vitals.

The S-T-S-5 fits that need.

The underside of the knife's handle is "Self Righting" in the hand no matter how you pick it up.

The Butt of the knife is Rounded but protrudes just enough to be used as a Yawara in toe to toe encounters to gain that split second advantage.

As You can see this knife was not casually designed and will serve our Brothers and Sisters in Arms well.

The Kydex Sheath comes in a color matching the blade.  It is supplied with the Same Belt Hanger that is supplied on the Bravo-1 Sheath. The Rivets in the sheath are also set for the Tec-Lok and for installing Molle Clips.


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