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Bark River Knives STS-4

The New Bark River STS-4 is the latest in Bark River Knives' STS Combat/Utility Series. The STS-4 is larger than the previous STS-3. The Handle is Longer by a Half Inch and the Blade is a Quarter Inch Longer. This Extra handle length will be more comfortable in sustained use while still being Compact for General Carry. The handle Scales are Ergonomically Shaped for a Secure Grip in use and are Removable and Interchangeable so you can mix or match any Color or Material Handle on your knife.

This entire Run of STS-4s is supplied with a Rugged Leather Sheath in the Style of the Bravo-1. This Run of Sheaths has been Made by Sharpshooter Sheath Systems Specifically for the STS-4. You will find this a very handy Size version of this Series – Easy to carry – easy to use efficiently.

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