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Northwoods Knives - Two-Blade Barlow

Northwoods Knives - Madison Barlow - Two Blade

The classic Barlow knife has its origins way back in 18th century. The exact origin is a bit murky. What we do know is that it was the working man’s pocket knife.

It was designed to be a mass produced, inexpensive, hard use pocket knife. They had carbon steel blades, rough bone handles and a long, heavy bolster for strength.

The barlow belonged in the calloused hands of a farmer. That was then and this is now.

Now the Barlow is a classic, sought after pocket knife and they are no longer sold for pennies. They are just as impressive knives.

The Northwoods Barlow is one of the most elegant Barlows I have ever seen. The curved Barlow is not seen much any more, which makes the Northwoods Madison Barlow even more special.

The Northwoods Barlow has graceful curved handle, a beautiful long bolster stamped with the iconic, Northwoods arrowhead, 1095 steel, and a variety of very classy covers. It is slim enough to slide down in your pocket.

This fits perfectly in the Northwoods line of premium pocket knives.

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