L.T. Wright Knives: Coyote - Green & Black G-10 - Flat Ground - D2 Steel

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The Coyote will be your best buddy, best companion, and go to guy while hunting or on a hike. The Coyote is as apt at skinning game as it is starting fires and will make a great game knife. You will want this knife to be on your hip at all times. We start with 1/8 inch precision ground D2 tool steel and create a flat ground, multi-purpose, quality piece of cutlery. With it's secondary cutting edge of 2 7/8 inches it will process game, make a great fuzz stick, and slice through most anything at camp.

For a knife you want to take with you all the time, an EDC knife must be durable. It must stand up to any cutting chore you'll have and durability is the name of the game. That's why we also incorporate resiten scales. It's quite durable. It has great insulating properties so as a knife handle in all sorts of climates, it will help act as a buffer between you and the steel of the knife.

We attach the resiten with hand peened brass pin stock and an industrial strength adhesive. This seals the scales to the steel so no liquids can get behind there and rust the knife from the inside out. You'll appreciate the quality you'll feel the first time you use it. Another feature of this knife is that we sharpen the spine like an ice skate. You'll have a nice 90 degree sharpened spine to scrape down a fire steel to get the most sparks you've ever got, scrape down a branch to collect fine tinder so you have something to catch that spark in with the fire steel, and gives you a nice flat striking surface for battening small sticks into smaller kindling.

To top it off, a hand made in the USA leather sheath, will come with each one. A standard hip sheath with a riveted loop over for your belt, this should last as long as the knife. It will hold up to years of use.

Country of Origin: USA