This week at Bark River: September 28, 2015

28th Sep 2015

This morning we caught up with a coffee-deprived Jim Stewart for a quick peek inside Bark River's current production.

A lot of folks have been asking about the upcoming Bark River version of Marble's venerable Trailmaker. Called the 1909 Michigan Bowie, today we get another look at this massive knife -- still a ways off yet, but tantalizing all the same.

Speaking of big knives, Jim hoists a raw blank for the much-anticipated Barong. (Let the puns begin.) We also get glimpses of a run of the Fox River and another of the Bravo 1.25, as well as a warranty re-handling being performed by a member of the Escanaba crew.

Of special interest to Barkaholics will be our first-ever look inside the Bark River inventory room, with its dizzying array of handle materials and blades.

Oh, Jim did mention something about a competition chopper... but you'll have to watch the video to see what we mean. See you next week!