Knife Knowledge

How-To: Tying the Chris Reeve 'Coil Knot'

6th Oct 2015

Tying the Chris Reeve 'Coil Knot' The iconic  fob attached to Chris Reeve knives, known as a "coil knot," can be handy on other knives as well. It's easy to tie, too -- here are step- … read more

How-To: Opening a pocketknife

6th Oct 2015

Opening a pocketknife No doubt about it, some slipjoint pocketknives have a harder "pull" than others, and sometimes it's hard to get the knack of a knife right away. In addition, every folding … read more

How-To: Cleaning a really dirty pocketknife

2nd Oct 2015

Cleaning a really dirty pocketknife Maybe it got left out in the rain overnight. Or perhaps you took it along on a hunt and forgot to clean it up afterward. However it happened, your pocketknife … read more

How-To: Improvising sharpening tools

1st Oct 2015

Improvising sharpening tools Whenever you have an edge in need of attention and your preferred sharpening tools are back home in your workshop, all you have to do is look around -- you'll usually … read more